What’s the best VPN service for streaming video?

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are the most trusted sources to access the sites that are blocked in your country. One can easily access the restricted websites and stream large videos at ripening fast speed. Not only this, one can also access dark web content using VPN networks. But it might seem to be difficult to choose the best VPN service to enjoy streaming videos and restricted websites. Here are some of the best VPN services that you should eye at while choosing a powerful VPN for streaming videos.

Nord VPN

NordVPN uses the double VPN technology to encrypt the data twice. It is the best security standard in the industry and you need not worry about it while using Nord VPN’s services. It has a wide network of around 577 servers that are located in 49 countries of the world. The best thing about it is that it shuts down the website if VPN connection in lost. Worry not! Nord VPN will never keep your logs.

Nord VPN also provides you with list of 3000 proxy servers. You can connect 6 devices simultaneously. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. Nord VPN is one of the best VPN servicesto enjoy high speed video streaming over your internet connection.


Vypr VPN

This VPN service is run by Golden Frog, an international consortium. It is one of such VPN providers that use its private server clusters without dealing with any third-party providers. It has its servers in 36 countries of the world and the users can stream videos at ripening fast speeds even from the unusual locations. ‘Chamelion’ is its new firewall busting technology that will be loved by video-streamers from China.

It keeps the logs for around 90 days and has its own Android &iOS apps. You can simultaneously make use of 3 connections without compromising with the streaming speed too much. It even offers 7-days money back guarantee.

PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN

One of the best VPNs to use is PIA when we talk about a VPN that has the best privacy policies. A user can pay anonymously using Bitcoins and this VPN don’t keep the logs too.It even features the IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, internet kill switch, and port forwarding. It also has pre-configured DD-WRT and the Tomato routers.

PIA offers really fast speeds making it a wonderful experience for the user who wish to stream large videos. You can use 3 connections simultaneously. The company is US based and its services are little complex to be used.


This VPN Company has been founded by the Italian internet privacy hactivists. It provides network transparency and also provides support for VPN over TOR and SSL & SSH tunnels.One of the major drawbacks of using this VPN network is that you can use only single connection at a time.

The VPN network offers really fast speeds so that you can stream number of videos without any buffering simultaneously. It doesn’t keep the logs and you can opt for its services under $2/month.

Boleh VPN

It is a Malaysian based VPN provider that is available for both Windows and OSX client. It has wealth of connection options that includes cloaked routers in US East Coast area and Hong Kong. If you wish to stream videos at really fast speed then it is the best VPN service after Nord VPN. You can use 2 simultaneous connections at a time. It doesn’t keep any logs.

Final Words

Above mentioned is the list of best VPN services that you can use if you wish to stream videos are really fast speeds. Though all the above mentioned VPN networks are the best, but I will recommend you to use Nord VPN.