Mind blowing Google Gravity Tricks

Google search engine is one of the most famous and popular search engines available on the internet. If you ever feel bored of browsing over the internet just like the millions of users that use Google for their browsing purposes, then you should definitely check out the Google Gravity tricks that the Google has developed on the internet. One of the best and smart programmers has developed these Gravity tricks in order to keep their users engaged to it.

Under these Google Gravity tricks, you can find web pages turn upside down, or appear falling down, or even appear floating on the screen. Let us look at some of the best Google Gravity tricks that you need to give a try and find them amazing:

  1. Chuck Norris Google trick

In this trick developed by Google, when the user searches for the hero Chuck Norris, then you will find that the search results page will provide with information that says that, there is no person like Chuck Norris, and it is a waste of time to search for him on the internet. The content provided is just to provide some fun to the users, considering the popularity of the famous comedian.

  1. Find your IP Location

Using this trick, the users browsing through Google can find their IP address and their IP Geolocation. However, the users should be using the HTML 5 browser or any browser that supports Geolocation API to offer you with the best services. The displayed web page will provide the users with Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy and Address of the users searching for their location details.

  1. Google Loco

Although appears similar to Google Zero Gravity, Loco also displays the contents of the web page falling down from the screen to the bottom of the web page. Many users will find it amazing and interesting.