Is It a Good Idea to Buy App Store Reviews to Boost App Ranking?

App store reviews

App store reviews are personal shared experiences regarding usage of an app. it clearly describes app’s value for each users , people write whatever they liked in an app and also what they have unliked. App reviews are the best way to describe an app that’s why most of people before downloading an app go for review because reviews never lie. 90-95% people basically rely on app reviews rather than given description of app by app developer. It is very important to hold positive reviews because reviews can make mind as well as change mind regarding downloading of an app. Those apps which have no reviews are rarely downloaded. Every person want recommendation of shop before going, it is the same users need recommendation of any app i.e. greatly described as reviews in playstore.

Importance of an app review-

  • Positive Reviews

75% of the customer downloads only that app which has most of positive reviews and take it as the important factor but 25% don’t care about reviews and download on their own judgement basis.

  • Download rate

App store comments and ratings affect the download rates and before downloading most of the users view reviews and ratings, rating above 4 and positive reviews can change the download rate easily.

  • Boost App Ranking

Reviews and ratings are key factors for the improvement of app’s ranking and its visibility. Good ranking is important as the competition between the developers is getting fierce.

  • Useful information about app

App reviews are like report cards for developer, it suggests improvement that an app developer has to focus and which sector is strong and weak it suggests all.

  • Reviews by real users are highly valued

Reviews from real users with their active profiles and latest reviews are highly regarded as the motivating factor to download the app.

Improve android app rank

Reviews and rankings are the best way to get higher ranking position in app store and play store.if you get higher ratings and more of positive as well as influencing reviews it will improve app ranking in the app store. A fast and efficient way is to buy app reviews from several companies out there in the market. Positive reviews brings more of downloads and installs undoubtedly. You can buy reviews from reliable company who provides only real reviews unique influencing and outstanding buy android app reviews that can change positively the mind of targeted audience. Through this way you can improve your app’s rank.

Boostmobile downloads

Reviews are one of the factors by why downloads boost because most of the users like 80-90% download only after consented with app reviews, if app reviews are not good instead its negative they instantly change their decision and shift to other and if its reviews are positive, outstanding definitely they download the app. For gaining more of downloads it is not only that you should have reviews but reviews must be quality ones.

Paid android reviews

Paid reviews are the best medium now to promote your app. You can buy app reviews if you don’t have adequate and proper ones. Once you buy, you will see positive changes in a short time. Existing users sometimes don’t bother to give reviews and ratings which is obviously not good for any of the developers app. That’s why considering buying reviews from market is not bad at all. You just have to keep in mind one thing that you buy reviews from only true companies who actually provide you real reviews from real users and they must have their existing profiles because Google or Aspple is not idiot.

Buy reviews –

Below given are some of the companies from where you can buy reviews and are already very famous.

  • Appreviews

App reviews is one platform which is perfect question to your answer because you can buy installs, reviews and ratings, it provides all necessary services which is really helpful to enhance the visibility of your app and boost app rank significantly . They have different prices and plans for Android Reviews.

  • Smoothreviews

You can get no. of reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here, you review an app and earn points and you get review for each point you earn for android as well as for iOS apps. Here you don’t have to spend any sum but only have to help in a mutual way.

  • Reviews Lancer

Get ratings reviews for both Android as well as iOS. You can get free and unlimited reviews here to your mobile app. You just have to sign up, add your apps; you may receive review from different community members. Get unlimited reviews that will increase your app download, app rank simultaneously and gain profits by buy android reviews.

  • Applytics

They provide high quality keyword focused reviews. Their all reviews are provided by real users only and with proper in integrity check. They are geographically scattered with scattered users everywhere. They provide iOS reviews also from genuine users.


  • Reviewapp4u

They have no. of application users there to rate, review your app easily. It can really help you with more of app downloads & increased ratings. Reviewapp4u is already very famous for its work and mainly suggested or recommended by past users as you can trust.

You can try buying reviews from any of the above given. It will really help your app to get higher ranking and go ahead of competition.

But before buying you have to be ensure about some points like –

  • Buy from only trustworthy and reliable companies
  • Developer must be confident about his own app features otherwise this is not going to work in anyway
  • Above point is obvious because if you want real reviews then you have to go through real installs and it totally depends on your app features because they will share their best experience so always be sure to your app.
  • Reviews like nice, fine is not fine at all. You have to receive unique and real reviews which explain your app features very beautifully by buy app reviews.

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