How to overcome your fear of the dentist

Anyone who has a genuine fear of the dentist knows how absolutely crippling and terrifying it can be. When you are faced with sitting in the dental, you will want to be absolutely anywhere else – anywhere but right where you are. It is unfortunate really that so many people (scientists estimate around one in eight) are frightened of the dentist, when it is one of the professions that we need to visit at least once a year! If only we were scared of architects, then we would be able to avoid them!

On a serious note, for some people their fear of the dentist can completely prevent them from seeking the dental help that they need, forcing them to live with pain and discomfort that only gets worse. Because they are too afraid to see a dentist, the problem can get worse and worse, until they have to go and see an emergency dentist, and that can be even more terrifying. If only that person was able to see a normal San Diego dentist right at the beginning of their dental problems, things would not get so bad, but it is an awful catch 22 situation: because they are afraid of the dentist, they do not go and see a San Diego dentist and so the problem gets worse, giving them a big dental problem to solve – which means longer in the dentist’s chair when they eventually go!

It is time to break the cycle. There is absolutely no better time to overcome your fear of the dentist, and it does not matter how old you are, or how long you have been afraid of the dentist, or what happened to make you so afraid of the dentist. You cannot live your whole life in fear of a medical profession who is only there to help you and to make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy and happy as possible. The best way for most people to stop being afraid of a San Diego dentist is to go and chat to one outside of the dental office setting. Often for many people, simply going to a dental office itself provokes the fear response, so going directly to the consultation room is not a good idea.

Instead, having a coffee with a San Diego dentist in a neutral setting, like a café, helps to break down the fear barrier. You can start to see that they are just a normal person, with their own hopes – and fears! By getting to know them as a person, rather than just a frightening idea, you can start to understand them a little bit more, and the idea of a San Diego dentist stops being the scary thing that you don’t understand, and actually becomes a person that you have shared a muffin with. That is often the best and quickest way of changing a person’s perception of what a dentist actually is.

Of course, for some people, just the idea of sitting down and having a drink with a San Diego dentist is enough to give them a panic attack. For people who have that sort of fear of the dentist, it is going to take a little more than that to sort things out, which is why more serious therapy and support may be the best choice for them. The important thing is that you start to make a change, and start to try to see dentists in a different way. You are only going to benefit yourself if you can meet your fear of the dentist head on and try to do something about it.