Heated Wiper Blades advantages

Heated wiper blades have many advantages. Firstly, think about driving during the winter without winter tyres. The car is at risk of skidding in slippery roads because it does not have a good enough grip. In the winter, the weather condition can be very harsh. A blizzard on the road reduces visibility to less than a cars length and snow quickly build-up on the windscreen. Traditional wiper blade would have a hard time clearing the snow that is piling up, hence adapted wiper blades for the winter are advantageous for one or more reasons.

Advantages of winter blades

  1. Safety – You certainly put yourself, the passengers and road users at risk if you do not have good visibility of the road ahead. Heated Wiper blades help keep the windscreen clear so that you always have a good view of the road whatever the weather condition. With such blades, you, therefore, reduce the risk of accidents
  2. Time- saving – Traditional blade cannot remove frost forming on the windscreen during very cold weather or snow building up during a blizzard. Also, they may not function if the temperature is very cold since the entire mechanism may freeze. Because heated wiper blades have the capacity to melt snow, they can easily clean frost and accumulated snow, saving precious time.
  3. Cost -If you have an accident because you could not see the road ahead, the cost of repair of your vehicle would be a lot more than if you were preventive and had in place heated wiper blades.

Choosing the correct wiper blade

Heated wiper blades can be purchased either online, a specialised shop selling car parts, or from your car manufacturer’s dealer. When you are about to purchase heated blades, here are some things to consider:

  • The material – The material of the heated wiper blades can be either made of rubber, hardened rubber, a combination of pliable rubber on the squeegee surface and silicon.
  • Size – Car windscreens are not similar. Depending on the car model, the windscreen can be smaller or bigger, or have a smaller or deeper curvature. When you choose the wiper, it has to be made specifically for your car model. In another case, even if you choose wipers that are all purpose, their size is important so that they can cover adequately your car windscreen
  • The pressure point – Another thing to consider when purchasing heater wiper blades are the pressure points of contact to the windscreen. If the wiper blade has more pressure points of contact, it is more efficient in cleaning the windscreen
  • The model of your car – Windscreen wipers are made for the specific car model. When purchasing one, it must be made for your car model.

Heated wiper blades, therefore, come not only in different types but there are certain elements to consider as noted above when purchasing one. You need to choose the correct wiper blade adapted specifically for your car model to obtain the best efficiency of work when it is being used.