Drive in the iconic sports Mustang

Are you a sports car enthusiast? If yes, then you must know about this amazing sports car from Ford. This beauty on the wheel has a rich heritage and brings with it a lot of character and style. It comes with superior technology and power and is a dream to drive on the wide roads or the racing circuits. The powerful engine, immaculate styling and superior driving experience make it one of the most exciting cars that you can find on the market today.

When you talk about a sports car, the most important thing besides the engine is its overall look that goes a long way in enhancing its performance as well as giving it a distinctive character. Driving a second-hand ford Mustang in Delhi though improve your style quotient manifold, will not give you the chance of unleashing the raw power of this beast due to the traffic condition. To bring forth all the horsepower this sports car hides beneath its hood, you require miles of open stretches on the highway where this car comes to its character without any fetters. The wind blowing over it as it leaves behind other cars on the road in a storm of dust is something to be experienced.

The racing mustang logo etched on the black mesh grill of this car announces the potential that resides beneath the bonnet to leave all the competition behind. This four-seater sports car has an amazing heritage and brings the carefree American character to the world as a whole. The front look of this cute looking sports car is dominated by its sloping hood with a multitude of character lines etched on it. This gives it a dynamic look which continuous all across the body, from the classy side to the trendy rear. Its sloping roof gives it a coupe-like a look and the big alloy wheels at the side hidden under flared looking front and rear arches show its muscle to the world.

Whether you are buying a new or a second-hand ford Mustang in Delhi, you would be guaranteed of spectacular comfort features. The interior of this car is heavily furnished with premium leather. All the seats, the interior of the doors and even the dashboard has a covering of high-quality leather. The multifunctional steering wheel is tilt adjustable and comes with a lot of buttons to control the various working of the car. A large infotainment system grace the front panel allowing the driver to control music, see navigational maps and even view the back side of the car while parking through cameras fitted in the back. The instrument panel of Ford Mustang is intelligently designed and features a lot of metal inserts to give it a more trendy and upmarket look.

The passenger cabin though comfortable is a bit cramped in the rear where the sloping roof gives a lesser headroom for the passengers. All the seats come with adjustable headrest and you will find cup and bottle holder for front and back row riders. The air conditioner is very powerful and features air vents in the rear also for uniform cooling of the cabin.

The heart of this powerful car beats with a two variety of Eco boost engines. In the lower trims, you will find a 2.3-liter petrol engine, whereas in the higher trim you will have the fortune to get power from 5.0 litres of a petrol engine. Both the mills are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission gearbox that allows the riders an amazing driving pleasure. Ford Mustang being a powerful sports car also comes equipped with a range of safety features that allow you to drive it without any fear.

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