Art in any form is the expression of one’s feelings, fine arts too encapsulate within it the various more difficult forms of art that bring out the unimaginable aspect of life. Abstract art is one such art form and it is said to be a slice of a man’s imagination. Abstract, as we understand from the word means something that is not tangible, it is just something that we can feel and imagine.

You can thus only imagine how difficult it is for an artist of this genre to represent it on canvas and even be able to define it and explain it to his viewers. This form of art deserves a lot of caliber on the part of the artist and a lot of applaud on the part of the viewer. Mark Borghi is an art enthusiast who owns three art galleries in and around New York. He understands and appreciates art immensely, which is why he has taken upon himself to make exclusive and spectacular works of such art available for viewing of the common people at his galleries.

His galleries began with the New York based one, in 1998, that specializes in Post-War American paintings and fine arts. His two other galleries are located in Palm Beach and Bridgehampton respectively. He organizes extremely educative exhibitions and his exhibitions prove to be a great feast for the eyes of all budding as well as present artists.

As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’; this adage came particularly true for the abstract art. During the 20th century the Jewish and the Islamic traditions suddenly put a ban on the representation of figures on any platform. This caused people to resort to geometrical and non-figurative representations.

It was at this time that a man named Wassily Kandinsky came to be regarded as the originator of this art form, namely non-figurative art.  He became the father as well as the theorist of this form of art. After him Kasimir Malewich became his successor and took the abstract form of art to a completely new level and he primarily focused on geometrical forms.

However, the middle of the twentieth century brought with it a huge surge and altered the course of abstract arts popularity. This gave way to what was known as Abstract Expressionism. This was vastly different from the original form of the art; it was more a performing art style. This sort of art was one that challenged the conventional boundaries beyond all limits. Jackson Pollock, whose work you will find at the exceptional exhibitions of Mark Borghi , is one of the most famous artists of this art form.

The fact that the exhibitions of Mark are exclusive and thoroughly awe inspiring can be testified by the one exhibition in which a wall sculpture was made using the spare parts of vintage automobiles. Abstract art has come a long way and presently can be found in two basic forms – the Color Field Abstract Art and the second form is a mix of Surrealism, Realism, Cubism and Action Painting.