When signing in, type “facebook.com” in your address bar. Another page will be the Facebook home page. When it’s a public computer, it is going to either show the sign in page, or the preceding user’s page (in case that they did not logout). In such a circumstance, click “Account” on the toolbar and go to “Logout.” This will take one to thefacebook loginpage.

On the top right corner of the display, you will discover the two original text boxes you will sign in. These are the “E-Mail” and the “Password.” Remember the Password section is case sensitive, meaning that all the upper and lower-case letters are considered. You MUST type in the right information.

Facebook can be an enjoyable website to use to stay in contact with family and your friends, play online games, and join groups. But in case you are not careful with your private info, facebook.com login can be a ground for identity thieves and spammers to take your profile over

Face The Truth – Facebook is the most popular website for social networking. But being the hottest, this site can also be prone to other virus assault along with phishing, junk. The truth is, this is among the prime reasons why most people face difficulties with login issues.

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